Demo 2014

by Arid

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released April 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Arid Chicago, Illinois

Misanthropic D.I.Y. blackened crust 4-piece from Chicago

Anti-fascist, Anti-state, Anti-human.

Part of Dystopian Cult Records

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Track Name: Price of Existence
Extracted roots
Sensibility displaced
Inject the medias mind rot
Monaliths that blind
From realities pressure
Breeds false comprehension

Destructive actions
Lead to constant strife
Dematerializing hopes
Losing grasps
Abhoring life
The depression is sinking in

Like the emptiness of holding air
Time moves on with no leniency
Knees torn bare from these wights of despair
The system they force has no efficiency

Oppression narrowing thoughts
Self-reliance disappears
Stress sprouts tumors
No room for dreams
Settling for nothing
Following someone else

Losing everything held dear
Forgetting moral reactions
No longer truly existing
Moving in circles
This pain never stops
I can't fucking feel

Stepping over people (I forsake my passions)
Getting what you want (No one gives a fuck)
Abandon all your hope (I fucking hate myself)
Get a fucking job (I hate what i've become)

Gluttons plague devour the weak
Spreading their ruin to all corners
Demise is the only outcome
Smell of blood clings to lungs
Choking on your own filth
Yet you've never felt so alive
Writhe in your excess
The useless material you hold so dear
Track Name: Cries of Apathy
Swallowed whole dragged to the bottom
Fighting to fill what's gone
Aching vibrations shattering order
Abhorrent emotions nourish destruction

A will that carries forsaken hearts
Walking until reason is forgotten
The mutation has yet to come
Gasping for air is the withering life

Apathy's draining (Stagnant you rot)
Seep into earth (Oblivion is near)

Corrupted blood contorts the veins
Doomed to follow the path of past lives
Blindly controlled as days sit idle
Open thoughts thin into dust
Condemned to waste away
Destroy until it's all gone
Hope is a meaningless word
Engulfed in this realm of fools

Eyes staring into reflections
The sky has altered agelessly
Leaving hollow towers of regret
Time engulfs wasted flesh
Look upon the bitter emptiness
As the only thing that gave meaning
Regurgitate the vital essence
Drift into the unconscious void

Apathy's draining (Stagnate you rot)
Seep into earth (Oblivion is near)
Track Name: Ixtab
Born of a world wet with misery
I await the bounty Yaxche
Amongst siblings of circumstance
I thirst for freedom

Breaths of agony fill my painfully occupied chest
Selfish hands grasp transcendence
Eternal masochists clutch emptiness
Infinite in size it suffocates all who breathe

Woman of the moon with rope upon her neck
Psychopomp of a liberation unknown
Your hands wings so that i may escape
This cosmic pain

Slave to humanity no more